Basic Currency Cooperative

The Baccoop - Basic Currency Cooperative is a supra-national self-governing organization for the benefit of the people worldwide.
It's primary goal is to provide an interest-free system cooperatively owned by the people additionally to the fraudulent interest debt money system which will end up in Hyperinflation.
The alternative system also includes a free basic income for all persons, the same amount worldwide (= elimination of poverty, no economic refugees anymore).

This can be achieved when governments sign a recognition treaty. The chance to escape the proposed economic disaster caused by Hyperinflation.

At recognizing countries the cooperative branch shall be the operator of a proper version of the presently offshore operated development platform Bacland. The supervisory board is the government.
The currencies of the platform are either virtual currencies (non-recognizing countries) or complementary currencies (recognizing countries).

Advantages for recognizing countries
- Automatic proportional income tax revenues (10% tax rate): 1 equal share per resident;
- All residents can receive a free basic income (elimination of poverty, social payments can be lowered or they are not needed anymore).
- Protection against the next system-related hyperinflation, no economic collapse and poor people.
- All debt of the country can be refinanced to interest-free debt which will be eliminated by the next hyperinflation.

Further advantage for countries with a negative payment transfer balance
Caused by more imports then exports and profit transfers to international corporations.
- There is no negative balance creating a debt!
- Free basic income payments bring new money to the country (constant replenishment).
- Disadvantaged countries have a higher income tax revenue share then what is collected domestically, so the differential amount is transferred to the country.

Baccoop, a project of SESEL*
* Society for the environment and socially equal life